Please find below a selection of personnel testimorial:


Since being a child I have had a fear of water and I didn't know why, I was unable to have the

water from the shower on my face and unable to take my two children swimming. At the age of 43 I decided to do something about it.


I went to see Emma who was patient and understanding, And who after 5 sessions Emma changed my life, she not only discovered the root cause of my fear, but totally wiped away my fear of water. I can now have the shower water on my face an I now go to the pool twice a week where I have begun having swimming lessons.




I just wanted to say thank you to you Emma for your reassuring and enlightening hypnosis sessions. You managed to tap into what was really bothering me, which enabled me to deal with things effectivel at last. There is always a calm atmosphere around you and gradually you helped to build a powerful energy that I know continues to develop after each session ends.

I usually feel quite tried straight after, but then later on or the next day, I start to feel lifted, brighter and more at ease with myself generally. I'm sure I will be back again, as it does me so much good!





I went to see Emma as I was struggling to cope with stresses in my everyday life, it was having an impact on my work ,family and friends.  Emma through Hypnosis taught me ways to deal with this stress which has had an amazing postive affect on me as a person, it has given me new skills to overcome the stresses in my life on a daily bases and has improved my wellbeing.





I recently went to see Emma because about 15 years ago I had a very upsetting experience while on a flight back

from America. Since then I had not been able to fly, which was very upsetting for me as my son had recently moved

to Canada and I had been unable to visit him.  I saw Emma 2 times and after the second session of hypnosis I was able

to fly again. My husband booked a flight from Norwich airport to Amsterdam to start with and I did it as if I had 

flown yesterday, 2 weeks later I was off to Canada, hypnosis has changed my life and has made me feel that now I can 

control any problem in a new way.





After so many attempts to quit smoking, I have finally done it !!!  I feel that this is it for me as I finally think that I have chosen the right time in my life to give up, and having such support from Emma has made this possible. I can't tell you how much better I feel, and also how much healthier my bank balance looks.