I live in Poringland and have done for the past nine years. I have had my own practice for six years which is based at my home.   Working from a lovely log cabin set in my garden, gives my clients a calm and relaxed environment for both hypnosis and counselling.    I began by being  introduced to Hypnotherapy  when I enrolled on a course for a diploma in counselling.  I had decided to make a career change after working with children and families for many years. It had sadly become very clear to me that a great deal of adults were struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and many other social anxieties, I felt that there was a great need for therapists offering a range of  talking and alternative therapies. This became the area that I wanted to specialize in, as I wanted to help people overcome these difficulties and show them an alternative way  to deal with the challenges life brings.  So  I made the decision to change my path in life and train to become a counsellor and hypnotherapist.

Whilst embarking on this new direction I was introduced to hypnotherapy and to be really honest I was a little unsure, having like most only really seen it on TV, I had been advised that it would be a very beneficial tool to aid me in my counselling career.  After trying it for myself and  experiencing it's benefits I was converted. Understanding how powerful, amazing and what life changing  results it can bring, led me to gaining a qualification in hypnotherapy which has really aided me in my role as a counsellor. It has enabled me to get to the root cause of  issues, thus giving me a better chance of helping people achieve the quality of life they are looking for and deserve.  Enabling them to put the past behind them and look forward to a new future.



I knew quickly within a couple of months into my training in Hypnotherapy and counselling I had discovered one of the most amazing phenomenon in alternative therapy. It has given me the ability to give people control back of their lives, helping them deal with issues that have stopped them having the life that they had wanted, and deserved. It  has been amazing for me to be able to aid people by giving them the tools to regain control of their lives in a relaxed and empowering way.

On my journey training to be a counsellor I  was very fortunate to be offered a placement with the charity MIND with the low cost counselling service, where I gained experience and my clinical hours that were necessary to qualify and practice as a counsellor.

After volunteering for a few more months I made the decision to leave and focus on building up my  own private practice. 

I split my time now between my private practice and another Norwich based charity where I work 



I  have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  ( Dip PC)

A Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.  (Dip PC)

An Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Ad Dip PC)

BTEC Diploma in Early Education & Development , with 18 years of experience working with children in education.

Enhanced DBS clearance.

And I have completed the Norfolk safeguarding child protection and safeguarding training.


I am a member of the National Counselling society and The Accredited Voluntary Register. 

 I have continued with my personal development by also completing courses  in :

 Mindfulness, CBT, Anger Management, Trauma and Anxiety. 

For further information regarding  ethics and codes of practice in therapy visit the link below.