Visualisation Therapy is aimed at children between the ages of 8-16 years. It is a combination of meditation and visualisation and works by using places and characters that children are familiar with. By talking to them at their level and using language that they will understand. It aims to teach them ways to overcome problems within their daily life.

Unfortunately in life today so many parents suffer with stress and anxiety the pressures of today's living has become far harder than ever before. Though we try as parents to protect our children from the stresses of everyday life it is not always possible. Losing a job, a marriage breakup a bereavement or a house move, can all have a big impact on the family unit, though our little ones are often more resilient than we think, sometimes the pressures of life can begin to have a negative impact on them. This might result in a change in behaviour and problems such as Night Terrors, Sleeping Problems, Separation Anxiety, Bed Wetting, Encopresis (toilet problems) Tics/Habits and Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Actions, arising in a child's daily life.

Children are usually open to visualisation/imaginary as generally they have not yet got the misconceptions that we have as adults. They tend to be able to easily imagine things, have the most amazing and vivid imaginations the ability to click into any thought quickly whether they are a power ranger, a monster, a superhero, princess or fairy. They can imagine themselves and put themselves right into a picture and see all sorts of images and colours.  Make objects or themselves bigger or smaller, create all sorts of detail something that as adults we now find difficult to do. This therapy is powerful and can have very positive results, it can give your child life skills for the future that they can use to overcome the stresses in both childhood, teens and adult life.


Using Visualisation can really help aid a child to overcome their problems, it is done in such a calm, gentle and relaxing way.  I will simply take them on a little journey of adventure, using a form of story telling and by using positive imagery, visualisation and  incorporating the activities and things that they enjoy,  it enables them to gain positive techniques to overcome negative problems, thoughts or emotions. It is important however that you as the parent/carer work with me to be able to improve your child's presenting problem, and a willingness from both you and the child is expected. It is important that when an appointment is made the child wants to come,  they should not feel pressured or

forced. It is all about us working as a team.



I have worked with children for many years, at the beginning of my career as a nursery nurse,

then within schools as a teaching assistant and finally as part of a behaviour support team,

before I then changed direction and began training to become a counsellor.

 I  have plenty of experience of working with children and as a parent

 also recognise the challenges that we have to face.

I have a recognised qualification in  Early Education and Child Development.

 A Enhanced DBS Certificate,

and a Certificate in Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Initially I will meet with you the parent/carer first for a consultation which will take

approximately 30 minutes, I will also give you advice on how to approach the subject of

help with your child. At this meeting I will  explain to you how we will proceed with the

therapy, and answer any questions you may have.

The actual visualization therapy sessions will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

I ask that a parent/carer is present throughout the therapy and it will depend at what level

the presenting condition is to how many sessions will be needed, but a review and evaluation

is always given on the third session.

Please do call me, or e-mail to discuss your child as I am happy to answer any questions you