Frequently asked questions


I am strong willed will it work for me?  Yes it will work well as you already show self control and will power.


Can I get stuck in hypnosis? No most certainly not, hypnosis is a very relaxing enjoyable expereince something you can never get stuck in.


Is there anyone that cannot be hypnotised? Yes people who have had Psychotic episodes, pregnant or have a history of epilepsy, Also caution has to be taken with people who have had a stroke or heartattack and this is something that is at my discretion.


How many sessions will I need? This depends on your presenting issue, but usually sessions that involve suggestion therapy 1-3 and for issues that are more deep routed 3-12, but this is something that I get a better idea of after your intial consultation and it is also why I do a review after every 3 sessions to make sure you are happy with the progress of your therapy.


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